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Accountex 2023 was the first time I had my stage session recorded. Having delivered sessions previously from Boston US, to back home in Malta. It was great to get in front of a new audience and share my thoughts on the payroll trinity with UK Accountants and Payroll Bureaus.

Over the years I've been given the opportunity to speak at various events. Below are some of the events I've spoken at:

  • Accountex
  • Client Payroll Expo
  • Malta Association of Accountants
  • DiHub MT
  • Symphony-CMS
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Your People First, uncovers the importance of people in our organisations. Each episode reveals a different area of people management and rewards, including complex topics like payroll and remuneration.This podcast is supported by Buddy - a leading HR and Payroll Platform*

My Story

Hello, I'm Jonathan Mifsud, and my journey in technology and business is a tapestry woven from personal growth, professional challenges, and a deep-seated drive to make a meaningful impact. At its core, my story is about taking risks, embracing uncertainty, and the relentless pursuit of innovation.

I gew up in a home, surrounded by technology, shared with two other siblings. My father's side hustles and numerous sacrifices drove his tech purchases, giving me access to technology at an early age. At the time, it was something to play with, never quite realising the power that lied within.

My first brush with technology's transformative power came at 14 when after discovering the world of programming at school, I sold my first piece of code to a classmate. This early venture was more than just a youthful experiment; it was a revelation of technology's potential to solve real-world problems and improve lives.

The true test of my entrepreneurial spirit came at 24. That year, amidst personal milestones like marriage and completing my master's thesis, I embarked on my full-time entrepreneurial journey. With a significant mortgage and limited savings, this leap into the unknown was a bold statement of my belief in my vision. It was a step taken with the understanding that every challenge was an opportunity to learn and grow.

This journey has been marked by a series of self-funded ventures, not all equally successful, each bootstrapped with a blend of optimism and pragmatism. From leading a team as a technical lead at a Forex firm shortly after graduation to standing on a stage in Boston in 2012, sharing my insights for the first time, each experience has been a building block in my professional life.

Speaking and writing have become conduits through which I share my journey, hoping to inspire and connect with others. These platforms have allowed me to reflect on my experiences and impart lessons that go beyond technology – about resilience, adaptability, and the power of human connection.

Today, as I continue to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of technology, my focus remains steadfast on people. It's about understanding their challenges and aspirations, and how I can contribute to their success. Whether that's a team member, a client, a follower, someone I meet randomly, or even you reading this very word. My goal is to add value in every interaction.

My story is not just a narrative of technology and entrepreneurship. It's a testament to the power of taking risks, self-funding dreams, and the shared human experience in the world of business. As you traverse the complexities of the accounting world, remember that our journeys are intertwined – in the risks we take, the challenges we overcome, and the future we build together.

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Leaving an impact on the world, one innovation at a time.


On a mission to Make Payroll About People, we have sought to bring innovation, to bring the people in payroll closer.

In bridging the gap between the payroller, employer and the employee, Buddy's platform helps businesses operate more efficiently, and employees to be more engaged.

Buddy was Co-Founded in 2018, with 2 other partners that included an Accounting Firm, who was at the time facing significant challenges with payroll.

While the accounting firm is no longer involved, we are helping hundreds of accountants across the UK & Malta to offer accurate and seamless payroll.

Equally, thousands of employers and tens of thousands of employees are empowered to collaborate on their daily HR needs.

Today I mantain an active role in Buddy, as a CTO and Brand Advocate, briding the gap between accounting practices, payroll and employees.


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On LinkedIn I write around my life as an entrepreneur and co-founder at Buddy; I also talk about Payroll, Accounting Innovations, API Integrations, Employment Rights and sustainability.

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On TikTok my content is meant for a wider audience, ensuring employees are aware of their rights and not abused, while also showing the fun side of being an entrepreneur.


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